Basic Operations

Display Story Order window
Strips window: click on Story Order.

story order


Rearrange the columns
Click in the column header;
Drag the column and Drop it in the new position.

story col move


Change column width
Column header: move the mouse pointer to the column divider (pointer changes to double arrow);
Drag the column divider and Drop it in the new position.

Selecting scenes
Click, command-click and shift-click in either window to select scenes in both windows.
Click, Command-A in the left (single line strips) window to select all scenes.

story sc select 1

scenes selected in single line strips window

story sc select 2

Multi-line strips window when scenes selected in story order strips window


story sc select 3


Scenes selected in multi-line strips window (selected scenes have grey background in single line strips). 

Selecting scenes from Sorts
Sorts:Click on the Sort Name/Menu;

story sorts 1

Click on the new Sort;
Click on the All button (OR < or > to step through the Sort and select scenes).

story sorts 2